NEWS NOTES: Synod Week in Review

I said it a few months ago that it will happen soon. The Catholic Church is walking on steady tracks to an inclusive approach toward all its followers and believers. Brave but shy, yet commendable! Keep it up!

Bondings 2.0

News NotesSynod news, particularly in regard to lesbian and gay issues, has been fast and furious this week.  Here are some articles that you might find of interest:

1. The International Business Timescaptured reactions to the synod’s working paper which affirms lesbian and gay people.  The report focuses on comments from Nicholas Coppola, who was dismissed from his parish’s volunteer ministries because he legally married a man in New York state.

2. New Ways Ministry’s Sister Jeannine Gramick is interviewed by Al-Jazeeraabout the Church’s new approach to lesbian and gay people.

3. The Daily Beast’s Barbie Latza Nadeau notes that this synod may have included voices of lay Catholics, but the real question is whether the “men of the cloth are listening.” She comments on several LGBT-related synod events.

4. While the synod was happening in Rome, LGBT Catholics met in Portugal to start the first World Organization of Homosexual…

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Special report: Lebanese-Brazilians

A beautiful and well-researched piece by Joe Dyke documenting the Lebanese migration to Brazil from the late 1800s till today... Published in the Executive Magazine, July 2014

Never give up, never despair…

When I watched this video, it reminded me of how important it is not to give up, to persevere and to fight back, even when our opponent is greater than our biggest fears. And when we fail and we face loss and defeat, there is always hope for help and support, from a guardian angel,… Continue reading Never give up, never despair…

Scheherazade: Scent, Illusion and Burial عطر وهم ودفن شهرزاد – ليلى كوركيس 'Scheherazade: Scent, Illusion and Burial' is an artistic collaboration between University of Iowa Department of Dance Professor Alan Sener, the Lebanese-born/Canadian writer Leila Gorguis, and New York City choreographer/performer Columbine Macher. It is the second UITV produced program conceived by Sener - the first was entitled The Lyre of Ur - in which the… Continue reading Scheherazade: Scent, Illusion and Burial عطر وهم ودفن شهرزاد – ليلى كوركيس

Sharing my experience of leadership in Local Government

I am getting ready to go to Morocco at the invitation of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) President Mr. Andre Azoulay, Advisor to His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, to be one of the 5 main speakers who will discuss the resources and mechanisms of participation of youth in local decision making and local governments at the… Continue reading Sharing my experience of leadership in Local Government

LDU & YCC graduate the fourth class of the “Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program”

Lebanon Development Union

(Wednesday August 14, 2012) Lebanon Development Union (LDU) in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation and the Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikaël, graduated today, the fourth class of the Microsoft Corporate Citizenship: Community Technical Skills Program: Unlimited Potential, in presence of Mukhtara Josiane Khalil, President of the League of Mukhtars of Kesserwan-Ftouh, Eliane Fersan, Director of the Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikael, the trainees, as well as local community representatives.

A large number of women were trained in this intensive three-months-course on the basics of the Microsoft Office Programs that help them develop their skills by using information technology both at work and at home. This program is one of many women’s empowerment programs organized by LDU aimed at increasing women’s role in their local communities and societies.

During the graduation ceremony held at the Youth and Culture Center, a Zouk Mikaël municipal initiative, Crystel El Chayeb, Secretary General…

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Zouk Mikael en route to glory… “So dreams come true”!

Through the innovative approaches of the Youth and Culture Center, Zouk Mikael is recognized once more as a leading city from the Global South at the Guangzhou International Awards in 2012.

LDU’s social entrepreneurship experience to Barcelona

Lebanon Development Union

Lebanon Development Union, represented by its president Eliane Fersan, took part in the Euro-Mediterranean youth meeting held in Barcelona between 11 and 15 March 2013, hosted by the Xanascat Oficina de Juventud of Catalonia. The meeting gathered 30 participants form 17 Mediterranean countries who came together to share and discuss their social entrepreneurship experiences in their respective countries and create linkages and partnerships that foster social transformation.

Elle Fersan, Toni Reig, Rima El Khoury

The meeting organized by the Catalan Department of Youth and Family Welfare in collaboration with the Catalan Development Cooperation, consisted of training on social entrepreneurship and innovation, creative techniques, panel discussions, visits to Catalan organizations and cooperatives and encounters with Catalan governmental officials and EU Youth Council representatives.

LDU’s contribution focused on its efforts in “Building Better Communities” by supporting local governments in developing youth policies, building linkages across Lebanese borders and investing in women and youth as agents of change and transformation.


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LDU takes on Lebanon’s creativity brain drain

Lebanon Development Union

Believing in Lebanon’s youth potential, and in support of its creative industry, Lebanon Development Union (LDU), in collaboration with the Youth and Culture Center (YCC) – Zouk Mikael organized a series of capacity building workshops for young talents and artists on interaction with the media, self branding and social media. This Anna Lindh Foundation funded program regrouped 30 young participants from throughout Lebanon on April 13, 20 and 21 and was supported by website.


LDU president Eliane Fersan stated “the need to invest in the creative industries is becoming imminent, for our youth are resorting to emigration or complete shift in their career path to other sectors because they do not find support and encouragement”. She noted that there are neither financial facilities nor the basic pillars for the creative sector such as a fast Internet service or governmental support, which is leading to brain drain in the Lebanese…

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Taking our experience accross the Mediterranean, LDU at the World Social Forum – Tunisia

Taking LDU’s experience accross the Mediterranean!

Lebanon Development Union

Lebanon Development Union (LDU) and website, represented by attorney Youssef Sfeir, participated in the “Citizens for Dialogue Convention: Euro-Mediterranean Youth facing crises & citizenship”, organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation from March 25 to 28, 2013 in Sousse – Tunisia.  The convention brought together fifty civil society activists representing different Euro-Mediterranean countries and was organized as part of the World Social Forum (WSF) held in Tunisia from March 24 to 30, 2013 regrouping 70.000 civil society activists around the world.

YSF 2013 - 1

The convention offered several workshops on effective citizenship, youth involvement in public work and youth ability to face the crisis on the economic, social, environmental and political levels. Mr. Sfeir had two interventions in which he highlighted LDU’s main contributions at the local governments level: a) fostering local and rural development by building partnerships between municipalities and civil society in Lebanon with similar partners in Europe and America, b)…

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