Through Global Nexus Solutions, LLC, I work with a network of global experts invested in social impact and change.
We offer a range of services that help you achieve the results you seek in non-profit management, growth and in public affairs.
We have 40 years of cumulative experience in international development, fundraising, advocacy, donor relations, monitoring and evaluation, system development and more.

Mission: We strive to always leave places better than we found them, by building capacity and resilience through collaborative learning and leadership.

We capitalize on our global network of contacts, relationships and understanding of local contexts. We worked and implemented projects in 30 countries across 4 continents:
Europe: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.
Asia: Hong Kong, the Philippines.
Middle East: Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates.
Africa: Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa.
North America: Canada, the United States, Mexico.
Latin America: Brazil, Chili.

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We build with you an executable plan of action that helps you grow, succeed and inspire. We help you clarify your vision and mission, to reach your goals. We produce clear, deliverable, manageable action steps that take your business to the next level.


We help you raise the funds you need to meet your vision. Our services include proposal development and writing, grant negotiation, fundraising strategies, donor stewarding, post award reporting, and more.


We help you develop the skills you need to execute your vision. We provide training on a wide range of topics such as grant management, networking, donor relations, management systems, community engagement, advocacy, and more.


My client base includes government agencies, universities, international, regional and local non-profit organizations, local governments, politicians and U.S. government contracting agencies. Here’s a few.

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