Let’s start with the tricky part: how do you pronounce my name?

My first name is Éliane, pronounced El-Yaan. C’est Français!

My last name is Fersan, that is Knight in Arabic. Fersan is pronounced Fer-Saan.

If you get it right, my name has a real rhyme to it: El-Yaan Fer-Saan.

Many of you know me by Elle, pronounced like the letter L. My nieces call me Ella, my friends and some collaborators call me Sheikha…

My pronouns are: She, Her, Hers — هِيَ

I am a first generation Arab-American from Zouk Mikael, Lebanon, now living in my adopted home of Los Angeles.

I started this blog in 2012. My intention was to post an article on a weekly basis about activism, politics, women and civil rights. That never materialized in weekly posts, but what you will find here is a collection of my thoughts, opinions as well as chronicles of my work, campaigns, collaborations, and professional services.

Elle Fersan

All views and opinions expressed on this page are personal and do not represent those of any institution I have been, am currently or will be affiliated with in the future, either on a professional or personal basis.

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