Tripoli: In Memory of a Lost Generation

Eye on the East

It is an image I will never forget. A teenage girl, her gently rounded head dangling out of the car window; her long black hair swinging to the beat of the wind, caressing her young features, lifeless; her eyes slightly visible, as she gazed far ahead, at a future she could no longer dream of living. The girl and her family had been killed by Israeli shelling in South Lebanon during Operation Grapes of Wrath in 1996. I revisited this image in a previous post but was unable to add the picture to the post, it hurt too much.

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Lebanon: Another battle in the long fight against corruption

Eye on the East

Here’s what happened in Beirut yesterday, constituting yet another sad day for Lebanon’s freedom of the press, another badge of shame on the government and another example of the public sector’s impunity when it comes to dealing with its own citizens.

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Scheherazade: Scent, Illusion and Burial عطر وهم ودفن شهرزاد – ليلى كوركيس 'Scheherazade: Scent, Illusion and Burial' is an artistic collaboration between University of Iowa Department of Dance Professor Alan Sener, the Lebanese-born/Canadian writer Leila Gorguis, and New York City choreographer/performer Columbine Macher. It is the second UITV produced program conceived by Sener - the first was entitled The Lyre of Ur - in which the… Continue reading Scheherazade: Scent, Illusion and Burial عطر وهم ودفن شهرزاد – ليلى كوركيس

“How long must we sing this song”: From Belfast to Beirut

Eye on the East

Note: This is the second of two posts recounting Eye on the East’s recent visit to Northern Ireland. The first post can be found here.

Where does one begin to talk about the bloodshed? Where does one begin to describe the hatred? How does one begin to believe in hope?

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