When Arabs Think The Apocalypse Is Near Because The US Legislated Same-Sex Marriage

Gay_House versus Natural_House and the Angry Arabs!
We live in a global world, where progress in one place resonates somewhere else and inspires others to do the same or more… Funny how people in general and so called activists chose what to highlight at home rather than human rights across the board. That’s maybe because they don’t see all human rights as such or, to say the least, still consider LGBT rights as a secondary issue and uncommon to their societies. Excellent read courtesy of Separate State of Mind!

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I’m so honored and flattered to be living in the most open-minded and widely-accepting region of the world. Not only is everything peachy, wonderful and exceedingly rainbow-y around this place, but people in the region are adamant that their quality of life is obviously the way to go for everyone else, and that any deviation from it is quite clearly going to bring about the end of days, Allah-style.

It only took a couple of hours after the United States legislated same-sex marriage on Friday for Arabs across the Middle East to rise in outrage. Obviously, the outrage was restricted to Facebook and Twitter, but some of them were absolutely seething.

Here’s a sample:

How can anyone fathom living in a place where people are equal and requested?

I mean look at Iceland. They have more books published per person than any other country in the world while still being the

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