Catholics Seek Justice in Church Worker Firings Cases

Bondings 2.0

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Employment disputes for LGBT and ally Catholic Church workers are making headlines nationwide. Below, Bondings 2.0 provides updates on several incidents in cases we have been tracking. You can find out more information by clicking the provided links.

Flint Dollar

Band teacher Flint Dollar was fired from a Sisters of Mercy school in Macon, Georgia recently, after plans to marry his partner became known. Students, parents, and local supporters have been resisting the firing, organizing a petition with more than 3,600 signatures, a Facebook group, and the Twitter hashtag #SaveDollar. The Telegraph reports three school board members–Kay Gerhardt, Vickie Hertwig, and Joe Claxton– resigned in support of Dollar.  Catholics United has called on Mount de Sales Academy to reverse the decision.

The Save Flint Dollar Facebook group is also reporting that Stacey Eubanks Herrara, the nursery director at St. Joseph’s Church,Macon, resigned rather than…

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